Monday, August 9, 2010

F.DoT is a MAJOR Deal !

So once again i'm in the studio with ShericeM, former Hawaiian Tropic girl and one of the top swimwear models in the Bahamas. Now residing in NYC, Sherice is making a name for her self as a blogger ( and of course by doing what she does best, modeling a swimsuit ... check out a sneak peek of our 1st studio shoot !

OnSet in the Otown !

Every time I am in Orlando i always have the pleasure of hanging out with one of my homeboys from my college days living in the otown ... Zach Taylor of Dynasty Studios ... he has been holding down the O for a while now and now he has got the studio set up and the magazine on the way, so I usually hit him up to get my daily dose of inspiration !!! ... On my last trip I stopped in on a shoot for the new magazine Dynasty Mag (twitter- @dynastymagazine | ) with MIA model Maria (twitter- @mariamillions)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marissa goes GREEN w/ FDOT

Just recently I photographed local Bahamian model Marissa P.. I was game for a fun shoot lets just say when she walked in with a big leaf, i knew this would be interesting to say the least ... see the video below.

Shooting for Campari

Once again I was given the pleasure of shooting images for the local Campari Distributer on the island, for an upcoming event, this time I was pleasantly surprised by the model who they chose to represent the brand in this effort ... Mary Watkins ... always admired Mary's look and was was happy to be given the opportunity to photograph her ... look out for the images when Campari releases the official campaign !

Monday, July 5, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Way of Thinking 1.0

So alot of people hit me and as me about getting in the business and what not. Usually they just wanna be the towel boy on some of my more risque shoots and thats cool .... but for those who are seriously interested in the craft i always advise them that .... Tho photography is a great hobby to get into ... its not a very profitable one if you don't perfect the business of it. If you just wanna meet pretty girls... there are other avenues ... ( aka go out more and approach a few ) BUT if you can't lock down the business of it ... you will end up being the cool BROKE DUDE ... so bear that in mind ... will be posting a few more like this soon just as the feeling comes so STAY TUNED !!

Monday, May 31, 2010

SummerTime Music Video Special

So this summer me and my homie SchinNguyen will be collabing on few projects, so we decided that we will extend a music video special to the world .... so for a limited summer engagement you will be able to book " The Collaboration " aka FDOT and SchinNguyen for your budget ( aka small production ) music video ... 1 Day, 1 Location, Full HD, Music Vids ....


INCLUDES: 1 Day of shooting at 1-2 locations, Video Delivered in 12 -15 days TERMS: 100% DOWN - No Monthly Payments >> LIMITED BOOKINGS AVAILABLE CALL 454 0264 or email TO SCHEDULE !!!